Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day for my Sister...

I have been a really bad blogger lately and have lots of stuff to post and will hopefully get back to blogging regularly soon.

I made a card and earrings for my sister for Mother's Day.

I saw this stamp set and HAD to buy it so I could make a card for my sister. A couple years ago while we were cleaning out my Mom's garage she had picked up a seashell and held it to her ear. I was standing behind her and started making a wooshing ocean sound. She turned around and held out the shell and was saying how she hadn't heard one so load and clear before. She put it back to her ear and I went back to wooshing and in mid-woosh she turned around and caught me. I almost got clobbered. So now any time I find something that has a girl holding a shell to her ear I HAVE to buy it for her. She loved the card...hehe.
She loves Fairies and purple so I thought these were perfect for her. The ear wires, head pins and fairy is from Vintaj. The beads are china beads...purple and a champange color. They turned out really pretty and they almost wound up in my jewelry box....hehe.

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