Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Magic Box - Suitcase shape

A friend wanted to surprise her husband on his 40th with a trip to San Francisco. She had a friend get him to the airport and se was standing there with suitcases and this box. 

San Francisco Suitcase
This has all of their favorite places to visit while there.

I found this map of San Francisco online and printed it out on cardstock. I folded it up and then crumpled it up so it looked well used.

Another friend's daughter was graduating from college. She wanted to surprise her with a trip to New York and have a gift card in it.

New York graduation

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Magic Box - Christmas sleigh

I have been wanting to try a magic box or exploding box. The girls I work out with wanted to give our trainer a gift card so I made a box to put it in. 

The three empty flaps is where we all signed our Merry Merry's.
Different view
I cut the deer and sleigh from Create-a-Critter. I made two cuts and then put them together so they would stand. For the sleigh I added a piece in the back to spread it so it would hold the gift card. I think for my first attempt turned out pretty good.

Oregon State Fair

My first year at the Oregon State Fair - 2014

My 1st place winners

My 2nd place winners

My 3rd place winners

My non-placing submittions

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cards from 2012

Baby shower invitations
Birthday card for my trainer.
The tree trunk is cut from a very thin piece of wood.
Birthday card for Cassidy. The big ONE ZERO.
Congratulations card and a pair of earrings I made.

I'm back...finally!

I'm moved and now have internet. It has been quite a while for sure! I thought I would post projects I've worked on since 2012 in groups. I won't post the recipes or techniques until I'm cought up and am posting regularly.

Happy crafting my friends!!!