Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby Blankets & matching Christmas Stockings

Here are a couple Baby blankets I made and matching Christmas stockings.

This set was made for a friend up in Washington for her little Girl. The blanket was so easy but seemed like it took forever. SC, DC, SC, DC the entire blanket but it made it bumpy and super soft. I had extra yarn from her blanket and I had just made up a bunch of stockings for a craft fair that was coming up and that gave me the idea to make a matching one.

This set I made for another friend up in Washington for her first child. Again, I had extra yarn left over from his blanket. I met the most wonderful people while stationed up there. Love and miss them alot!!

Crocheted Crafts

I have been meaning to post some pictures of some of my crochet projects. I designed this Christmas Stocking pattern while we were stationed in Missoula, Montana back in 1996. I have made these with everything from crochet thread (about seven inches) to three strands of yarn (about four feet).
I made this set for my Mom and the doggies. Smaller set is single strand yarn. Bigger set is double strand yarn. I think my all time favorite set is the set I made for a friend several years ago for Christmas. Julie always decorated in red, white and silver. So I made her a set of four red and the toe, heal & ruffle was in white. On the little ruffle part of the lace I crocheted in little silver beads and the kids I crocheted in little bells. I never got a picture of it but they were my favorite!! And then I got little heart shaped dog tags and had thier names on them. Mom and Dad with the year of thier wedding and the kids had thier names on them and the year they were born.
This set is made of thread. The little black one I tucked little bone buttons in it for Angel
This is not them but one year for Christmas all Mom wanted was mini stockings. I made 12 of them. They all had white ruffles and then I made lights and darks...dark blue & light blue, rose & red, light light sage & dark sage, Hmmm...I don't remember all the colors but you get the picture. They looked so cute hanging all over the tree. Maybe this year I will have to take a picture of them all over the tree. When I crochet baby blankets if I have extra yarn I always make them a little stocking to match. I made 25 in one year so I could crochet them in my sleep!!!

Pearl Bracelet

I finally remembered to take my camera out of the car. This is the bracelet I made at bead class last Wednesday.

The long things are actually pearls. The smaller beads are a fire polish glass. It was fun to learn a new technique. I have several ideas I want to try. It is very comfortable to wear and I have not caught it on anything.